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I am most comfortable while programming in Python and R, but I have some experience with JavaScript and Matlab if the task at hand requires it.

I have written a technical write-up for one of my recent projects, a search engine for old NTNU exams. Additional articles are in the pipeline, but in the mean time here is a selection of some of my better open-source work:

Project Description Resources Keywords
A search engine for NTNU exams by scraping, converting, parsing and presenting PDF URLs.  GitHub
scraping, parsing, neural networks, front-end, classification, PDF-management
A collaborative link portal for NTNU students with edit permission based on course enrollment.  GitHub
CRUD-app, django, responsive design, user-input sanitization
A dotfile manager with Jinja2 template support, sharing capabilities, and custom event handling.  GitHub
CLI, file managament, jinja2, documentation, sphinx, PyPI, continuous deployment
A pythonic API for Norway’s educational oAuth2-groups endpoint with django middleware integration.  GitHub
API, oAuth2, JSON-parsing, factory-pattern, PyPI
Configuration files for a terminal-driven workflow, automating most tasks and binding the rest to the keyboard.  GitHub linux, i3wm, vim, zsh
A data aggregation tool for “quantified self”-type applications. Lacks documentation and a proper external API.  GitHub
scraping, API, tidyverse, ggplot2, data visualization

Languages:   = Python, = JavaScript, = HTML, = CSS, = Bash/ZSH, = R.

All of these projects, except the dotfiles, have been test-driven, with pytest coverage averaging around 90%.

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